Level Up Your Health

Taking care of yourself is super important, we get this messaging all the time (think of how safety presentations on planes instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else) but most of us still feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. I hope to aid in changing that by bringing some of the self-care/health focused aspects of Geek Girl Strong here to Tormalyne, because all of this is so much easier to do with friends.

Chavon, Jordan and I founded Tormalyne as a way to be the change we wish to see in the world. The acceptance and practice of self-care is one change that I would love to see.

Geek Girl Strong's 1UP YOUR HEALTH Online Challenge starts this Sunday, and I'd love to have you join our blossoming community!

I wish I could work with you all in person, but this online challenge is a great chance to level up your physical health, mental health, and eating habits no matter where you live. You'll receive a daily e-mail with challenges to create habits that will actually stick with you, even after the week is over. By signing up, you'll also get access to the wonderful Geek Girl Strong community and private Facebook group.

To top it all, this challenge is "pay what you want," so you can join regardless of your financial situation. 

Get your ticket today and join other complex female characters on our quest for a healthier life.